Connection Systems

Heavy Duty Connector with Continuous Shielding For Rugged Environments

Developed in response to customer demand for a heavy duty electrical connector with continuous EMC shielding, the 21BV-GS from Multi-Contact is ideally suited for use with three-phase motors supplied by frequency inverters.

The round, single-pole connector accepts Class 5 and 6 cables in accordance with IEC 60228 and is based on Multi-Contact's well-respected 16BV model, which has proved its worth in test facilities, emergency power supplies and switching installations.

The 21BV-GS has been designed for use in rugged conditions, such as deep drilling rigs for geothermal energy and power chains for cranes. It provides touch protection when in the unmated state, while a bayonet fixing ensures a secure connection.

The 21 mm nominal diameter connector has been tested to IP65 and IP67, both when mated and with captive sealing caps in place. A remote indication of whether the connector is mated can be provided with an optional microswitch.

The connector accepts cables with cross-sections of 300 mm2 and is rated to 1000 V and 600 A. To prevent connection errors, six different mechanical codings are available which can be used for the different phases, neutral etc.

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