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Fibox ARCA Enclosures – Where The Whole Is More Than The Sum Of Its Parts

Fibox ARCA enclosureBased on a powerful concept attributed to Greek philosopher Aristotle, Fibox Design Engineers have developed and produced even more innovative configurations to enhance the scope of their ARCA range, and delivered a definitive enclosure system which not only combines inspired Finnish innovation with pleasing aesthetics and exceptional service, but offers OEM’s a ready built series of enclosures with added value, that are suitable for virtually all harsh and demanding industrial applications.

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Fibox Continue to Maximise Their Exposure

Fibox ARCA enclosureMaintaining their commitment in providing their customers with the widest range of innovative electrical enclosures coupled with the highest standard of process and technical support, Fibox the Finnish manufacturer of high quality enclosures for the protection of electrical and electronic components and systems, have announced that they will once again be exhibiting at Northern Manufacturing on 30 September-01 October in Manchester.

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Fibox ARCA Performs In Unusual Surroundings

Fibox ARCA EnclosureIt really shouldn’t come as any great surprise that the Fibox ARCA range of electrical cabinets have been chosen by a number of industrial manufactures to house and protect a diverse range of products that customarily are marketed outside the boundaries of the traditional electrical products market.

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