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Eaton 9395 UPS’s Remain on Energy Technology List

Following the recent changes to the Government’s Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme for energy-saving technologies, Eaton is pleased to announce that its 9395 UPSs with ratings of 275, 550, 675, 825 and 1,100 kVA have remained on the Energy Technology List (ETL).

Despite the increase to the operating efficiency levels that products are now required to meet, Eaton’s 9395 range still qualify meaning that users not only benefit from reduced running costs due to the high efficiency of the units, but can also offset 100% of purchase and installation costs against tax in the first year.

Eaton’s 9395 UPS’s, designed for use where the highest protection levels against power problems are needed, first qualified for the ECA scheme in 2010 . To qualify, the products had to achieve prescribed operating efficiencies at loads of 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%. However, following recommendations made by the Carbon Trust who manage the ETL, the Government announced that a number of changes to the ECA Scheme would come into effect in the autumn of 2012 including an increase in required efficiencies.

The announcement coincides with a rebranding of the products in Eaton’s 9395 range which, from October 2012, will be renamed Power Xpert 9395 and will use a new exterior paint which is easier to clean and better complements adjacent racks that use similar exterior finishes.

Eaton’s Power Xpert 9395 UPSs feature a dual-conversion design with inherent redundancy, making them an ideal choice for use in critical 24/7 applications. They dramatically improveenergy efficiency and sustainability – operating at greater than 94% efficiency and up to 99% in Energy Saver System (ESS) mode, they require less power, which in turn creates cooler operating conditions. This translates to reduced facility air conditioning requirements, while extending the life of UPS components and batteries.

In addition, thanks to their transformerless design, all models have a footprint that is up to 60% smaller than typical competitive units. Eaton 9395 UPSs also feature a unique Energy Saver Mode that allows them to maintain excellent total harmonic distortion (THD) performance without the use of inherently inefficient filters.

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