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The Digital Estate- Power Quality Monitoring With Socomec

digiwireFor Facilities Managers It is becoming increasingly critical to maintain control of energy usage, both in terms of legislative requirements and environmental policy.  

Never before has energy efficiency been so crucial.  Furthermore, with the continuous evolution of technology, a hard-working electrical infrastructure needs to be able to meet the demands of today, and in the future.

The process of developing smarter facilities starts with developing an advanced understanding about the way that resources are used – and the way that those resources are managed.  The efficient management of energy costs starts with the accurate measurement and centralised monitoring of energy consumption, across the entire estate.

Socomec’s advanced systems will help to reduce the cost of the measuring point for new or existing installations, reduce the configuration and integration time whilst improving performance levels.

By integrating smart technology within an electrical infrastructure, it is possible to develop an unparalleled understanding of sites, buildings and processes.  This new connectivity – combined with a universal view of operating parameters - enables a reduction in energy consumption, costs and emissions and makes the deployment of resources more efficient.  

The status of key operating parameters can be tracked in real time, delivering a greater degree of agility and accuracy – both virtual and physical anomalies can be addressed rapidly, in turn achieving maximum uptime and reduced operating expenditure.

Critical buildings and facilities need to deliver tangible cost savings by identifying efficiency opportunities in order to justify their share of internal resource; solutions are available today that converge the latest digital technology with the world of energy to minimise energy consumption and emissions, optimise equipment lifespan and ensure total reliability.  Once a performance base has been established, the results of optimisation work become more transparent
Take control of your energy costs

For the efficient management of energy costs, Socomec’s Diris Digiware accurately measures and centrally monitors energy consumption – across the entire estate.  Delivering an advanced understanding of sites, buildings and process, Digiware can provide accurate data that helps target reduction of energy consumption and associated costs and emissions – for optimum efficiency.

Within MV/LV substations, low voltage monitoring can detect imbalances and anomalies in real time, including possible backfeed, unplanned events and temperature variation.

A new level of performance
A  fully digital, multi-circuit plug and play measurement concept, with a common display for multi-circuit systems, Digiware is compact and quick to install, and provides the industry’s most accurate and effective metering, measurement and monitoring of electrical energy quality.  Infinitely scalable, it is capable of monitoring thousands of connection points.

Socomec’s Diris Digiware system offers an accuracy of class 0.5 to IEC61557-12 from 2% to 120% of the current sensor primary rating.  
How much can you save?

To learn how Socomec’s integrated power solutions can benefit your facility, attend the AUE conference between 7th – 9th September at Brunel University.


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