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New Edition of the Safety Compendium from Pilz

Pilz safety compendium 2012The Safety Compendium gives those working in mechanical engineering an orientation guide on the subject of functional safety and standards. The 2012 edition represents a completely revised and expanded version.

Current industry trends and issues
The new Safety Compendium considers the latest developments: More efficient production and automation concepts demand ever more intelligent safety solutions. Or may only be made possible thanks to innovative safety technology. From 2012, the new Machinery Directive applies without restriction, presenting machine builders and users with new challenges.

Electronics replace mechanics - New chapter
The newly added chapters cover topics such as Mechanics versus electronics and dynamic versus inflexible control and safety concepts. That way the Compendium satisfies current industry trends: firstly, mechanics continue to be replaced by electronics; secondly, there is a growing demand for flexible, dynamic concepts in safety technology.

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