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Try the New OMRON CP1L with Ethernet today!

Omron has introduced a new version of the CP1L compact PLC, offering flexible Ethernet communications as standard - a feature that is traditionally only available in larger, modular PLCs.

As a result, this enhanced version of the CP1L meets today's machine control requirements for compact PLCs that are able to connect seamlessly with a wide variety of sensors and position control devices, as well as providing facilities for remote access, monitoring and data logging.

Features of the new CP1L-E PLC are:
• Embedded Ethernet port for programming and communication
• Socket services supporting standard Ethernet protocols (including UDP, TCP and Modbus/TCP)
• Programmable connectivity with socket services to any Ethernet device
• Up to four simultaneous connections over one cable
• Omron FINS and Modbus/TCP (Function Block) support

As part of this introduction Omron, is giving you the possibility to try out the new CP1L compact PLC with Ethernet, by offering various CP1L with Ethernet promotional kits* at introductory prices.

Kits include:
• CP1L-E CPU of your choice (relay or transistor type)
• RS-232 option board
• Power supply, 24VDC, 60W, DIN-rail
• Ethernet cable, 2m, Cat.6, RJ45
• Input simulation switchboard
• Analogue I/O option board (CP1L-kit30 only)

*The CP1L Promo Pack offer is limited to pack per customer and is valid until 30th November 2012.


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