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xEnergy XW – Withdrawable Technology Completes Eaton’s xEnergy Switchboard System

Eaton, a leading manufacturer of components and systems for the electrical engineering and automation fields, has launched the latest addition to its xEnergy switchboard system, xEnergy XW.

This completes the xEnergy switchboard system product portfolio with the addition of withdrawable technology and allows it to be used as an MCC (Motor Control Centre) and PCC (Power Control Centre).

xEnergy XW allows inserts to be produced as power outgoers with PKZ and NZM circuit breakers up to 630 A and motor controllers with motor starters up to 250 kW. Empty inserts are also available for individual applications. All insert sizes are cleverly designed in the same way and easy to operate; no special tools are required. Users can replace xEnergy XW inserts quickly and safely - even when voltage is applied - thus minimising downtime and increasing system availability. There are also three clear status displays for “Operating”, “Test” and “No-voltage”, ensuring increased safety during maintenance work.

The xEnergy system consists of switchboards and protection equipment, built-in system technology and the switch cabinet itself, including planning and calculation tools. It allows users to ensure both safe and reliable power distribution. Optimum mechanical adaptation of the switch cabinet components to the Eaton switchboards means reduced assembly times and increased flexibility. The complete units are also type-tested to comply with IEC/EN 61 439 and therefore offer a high combined safety standard.

With the addition of the xEnergy XW (withdrawable compartments), there are now five basic types within the xEnergy switchboard system: XP (power compartments), XF (fixed compartments), XR (removable compartments), XG (general compartments for universal use) and the latest development.

Eaton xEnergy switchboard systems allow safe and efficient power distribution up to 5000 A. They can be used in fields ranging from residential and commercial construction, through to power distribution systems for hotels and shopping centres, right up to industrial applications such as sewage treatment, the food and drink industry and logistics.

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