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New Multifunction Power Monitor Launched by Smart Process & Controls

Revalco 1RAEM4 seriesSmart process & controls have launched the new Revalco DIN rail mounted multifunction power monitor range. They are housed in a 4 DIN module case with a backlit display.

 The 1RAEM4 series can be direct connected up to 63A or can be supplied with miniature split core current transformers for retrofit situations. They come with all the Amps, Volts, Hz, Active/Re-active Power, Active/Re-active Energy, PF and many more.

They are available with Pulsed and RS485 output.  Get a quote from us today and see how much you can save on your current supplier. For more Information on this product range please click on the following link  or call us on 01268 680088 to find out more.

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