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Bartec ANTARES plus the Remote I/O System for Zones 1 + 2 and 21 + 22

ANTARESplus is BARTEC’s response to industry’s requirements for more economic efficiency, convenience and flexibility in bus systems. The new remote I/O system is installed directly in the hazardous area and offers the same convenience as systems in the non-hazardous area in the minimum of space.

System Design:
RCU (Rail-Control-Unit) - The RCU is the central head unit in the ANTARESplus system and accommodates the data processing, power management and an Ethernet switch. Innovative interlocking technology ensures a stable and safe connection.

Remote I/O-Module - Different ANTARESplus modules offer a lot of possibilities. Just join them together and the connection is secure, even over several mounting rails. Standard mounting rails will suffice; complex bus rails are no longer necessary.

Efficient Power Pack
The power pack in the head module can supply power to up to 32 multi-channel modules. This increases the number of sensors and actuators that can be covered by the remote I/O system.

Genuine Redundancy
Two head modules work alongside each another as a redundant system. If the active head module fails, the other RCU takes over the functions immediately, thereby preventing any downtime occurring.

Hot-Swap Function
To preserve system availability, the system components can be hot-swapped, i.e. exchanged without disconnecting from voltage or interrupting mains operation.

Standard enclosure instead of Ex enclosure
A standard enclosure is sufficient for ANTARESplus instead of an Ex enclosure (Ex e). The production of a bus system is much cheaper, simpler and considerably more flexible.

Intuitive Project Planning
The ANTARESplus software simplifies project planning and configuration. The user creates the system design directly in true-to-scale images. Limit values, such as spacing, power management etc., are monitored automatically by the software.

Multi-functional Remote I/O system
ANTARESplus is the perfect bus system solution for all established systems, such as MODBUS TCP and PROFIBUS-DP. A new feature is that ANTARESplus now succeeds in bringing ProfiNet and Ethernet IP into the Ex area too, without any isolating repeater.


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