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Quick-Action Current Transformer Saves Both Time and Space

PACT current transformerThe new quick-action connection technology allows PACT current transformers from Phoenix Contact to be attached quickly and safely to a busbar without the need for any tools.

The transformers can be mounted by hand wherever there is not enough space for a screwdriver. To do this, insert the retention tab on the quick-action connector into the guide groove on the transformer. Two attachment pins on both sides of the tab ensure the transformer is securely in place. A rapid clip-in is integrated into the attachment pins. This means that the thread engagement depth, the distance between the retention tabs, and the busbar guided through the transformer have no effect on installation time. The tips of the attachment pins are pressed with light pressure into the busbar. This makes alignment easier, especially for three-phase feeds.

The current transformers are a complete line of products for transforming alternating currents of up to 4,000 A into secondary currents of 1 A and 5 A. They offer safe isolation in accordance with EN 50178, which is relevant for fitting high-voltage systems with electronic equipment. The standard imposes significantly higher requirements for the level of safety provided than those for the common transformer standard, EN 60044.

Current transformers therefore have significantly longer air and creepage paths, while also being individually tested with 12 kV instead of the typical 3 kV. This increases security because flashover to the secondary side of the transformer cannot occur. Additionally, the transformers reliably capture higher current peaks than the nominally rated currents, without the risk of damage. They are designed for long-term nominal rated current of 120 percent of primary rated current. The portfolio is rounded out with a full range of accessories, such as adapters for installation on DIN rails and copper sleeves for space-saving recumbent assembly.

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