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Intelligent Uninterruptible Power Supply for the Control Cabinet

Phoenix Contact UPSA new generation of uninterruptible power supplies now supplements the Quint Power product family from Phoenix Contact. Five new modules that can be snapped onto mounting rails are now available: For 24 V loads, the Quint UPS-IQ uninterruptible power supply has output currents of 5, 10, 20, and 40 A – and for loads with an input voltage of 85 up to 264 V AC, the Quint UPS-IQ supplies an output power of 500 VA.

All modules can be combined with energy storage devices utilizing VRLA technology with 1.3 to 38 Ah – or for high ambient temperatures, with powerful Li Ion batteries. The buffer times are 8 hours for a 5 A load current or 30 minutes for a 40 A load current.

Generous power reserves are available for DC loads when operated by battery or connected to the main power supply. In conjunction with the Quint Power power supplies, the modules continually supply up to 1.5 times the rated current in line operation. The power reserve of the SFB technology, provides six times the rated current for 12 ms, ensures that standard circuit breakers are magnetically and quickly tripped.

Featuring the new IQ Technology, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) can ensure – for the first time – 100% power supply reliability when the line supply fails. In previous UPS solutions the buffer time was manually set. However, in this case, the actual battery performance is not known. The supply voltage fails if a battery cannot supply the energy necessary for the selected buffer time. IQ Technology determines all of the relevant battery states, such as a voltage or temperature. As a consequence, it ensures the necessary transparency to guarantee the reliability of the UPS at any time, taking into account battery utilization. This allows supply interruptions and premature shutdown of industrial PCs to be completely avoided. Service can be planned and, from now on, energy storage devices no longer have to be prematurely replaced.

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