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Introducing the 3M PL150 Handheld Label Printer

3M has launched a new portable labelling machine to its comprehensive range of cable wire marking products for general electricians in the UK and Ireland.  

Manufactured by Dymo, the PL150 Handheld Label Printer is designed as an easy-to-use everyday unit for all common electrical labelling requirements. One of the main features is the keyboard, which uses the  familiar ‘QWERTY’ layout, while navigation keys make it easy to scroll between options. Together with one-touch formatting keys, these features allow electricians to quickly create different labelling formats, including wire or cable wraps, flags, Code 39 and Code 128 barcodes, fixed-length labels and breaker labels.

The ‘Favourites’ button repeats frequent label styles. A ‘Custom’ key enables the user to create his or own label formats, which can be saved for future use. A large character LCD screen with backlit function means the PL150 Handheld Label Printer can be used in environments where available light is poor. Labels can be printed in up to ¾ inch-wide on flexible nylon, permanent polyester and vinyl materials, in compliance with ANSI and ISO colour standards.  

The PL150 Handheld Label Printer also supports direct printing on to heat-shrink tubes.  The labels are designed to be simple to peel from their backing, as well as to provide long-term adhesion.  The unit weighs just 2 lbs and is 9.9 x 9 x 11.6 inches, so it will fit into most toolkits.   The PL150 Handheld Label Printer is designed for use with either AA batteries or a Li-Ion battery for prolonged periods of use, while rubber bumpers enhance durability.  



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