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Mardix iBusway Powered by PDI Launches in the UK, Europe, and the Middle East

Mardix and PDI announce the signing of an international licensing deal that will escalate the market penetration of the Powerwave Bus System. This deal positions PDI and Mardix for rapid expansion of the busway product into the UK, Europe, and the Middle East.

Mardix, the UK's leading provider of switchgear, power distribution, power management and service solutions, has closed a 5 year licensing deal   including manufacture and distribution - with US-based power distribution specialists, PDI.  Mardix will now manufacture and distribute a co - branded product under this agreement called the Mardix iBusway Powered by PDI.

The product has been developed with critical power environments in mind; feature packed and with many advantages for installers and end users, it has already attracted strong interest from the data center and financial sectors , PDI has already won significant business with several key customer installations already in the UK and the Middle East.

Continuous overhead run design
With no predetermined tap off points, installers and end users can place distribution directly over the load as required (proper safety procedure should always be used when working on live components). Tap off units can be mounted in any position, additional tap off units introduced as required, and the whole system moved, re used, or its direction changed at any time with very little disruption.

IT space savings and cable spend reductions
The overhead design reduces the footprint allocated to a facility's electrical systems, and minimises the amount of cabling required by your load, thus saving space and cabling investment. The design also allows for increased flexibility in a facility's installation process.  PDI provides first in class monitoring options to complement this bus system with their patented BCMS monitoring system. This monitoring system can be fitted at installation or retrofitted at any stage.

Globally supported and vendor neutral
All Mardix manufactured tap off units can incorporate Mardix designed thermal imaging grids for ease of proactive maintenance.  They will also be tagged with QR code technology so clients can opt to access the product's lifecycle history via Mardix's iControl system.  As Mardix is vendor neutral the breakers installed within the tap off can be specified by the client.  Standard and bespoke designs are available to meet the customer’s exacting requirements.

Flexible range
From single phase 16 Amp to 63 Amp three phase plus neutral, the Mardix iBusway Powered by PDI is also available with optional 150% rated neutral.

Mardix Sales Director, Dean Bradshaw comments on the deal: “The iBusway Powered by PDI is a natural fit with the Mardix product range, encompassing as it does innovative, feature rich design with post installation support options. Orders have been strong for the PDI Powerwave Bus System, in the UK, particularly in the highly competitive financial sector here in the UK. Our clients recognise the advantages of maximised IT space, reduced cabling costs, flexible configuration and adherence to European and International standards. With our ability to offer lifetime product support from our global service centre, we're looking forward to taking the iBusway Powered by PDI to Europe and the Middle East.”

PDI's VP International Sales, Jose Luis Crespo, adds: “The iBusway Powered by PDI is a robust solution to one of the key problems in a highly competitive market – IT space. We're anticipating to continue to build upon the success that this product has had in the UK.  Mardix is the ideal manufacturing and distribution licensee due to their extensive presence in the UK and European critical power market and we're looking forward to extending our reach through their client networks.”

“Mardix also brings to the table a simplified procurement and supply chain, which complements PDI’s expertise in power distribution product development. It's a strong collaboration and we expect great results over the next 5 years” concludes Jose.


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