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New Compact E-T-A Plug-in Type Circuit Breaker Optimises Overcurrent Protection and Power Distribution

ETA 2216 SE-T-A Circuit Breakers has introduced a new compact thermal-magnetic circuit breaker type 2216-S, increasing its plug-in mounting product range for automation in industrial and buildings applications.

The single or double pole E-T-A 2216-S enables cost-effective integration of protection against overcurrent in a control cabinet or in a local area.

With an overall width of 12.5mm and a depth of only 70mm, the type 2216-S occupies very little space in the control cabinet. The new circuit breaker has specifically been designed for side-by-side, snap-in installation in new E-T-A rail-mountable sockets - the 80plus (with screwless PT connecting terminals) or the 81plus (with screw terminals). The sockets allow time-saving power distribution and signalling by means of plug-in type jumpers. In addition, coding pins ensure ease of allocation between breaker and socket according to the “lock-and-key principle”. The dimensions of type 2216-S with socket meet the requirements of the DIN 43880 standard (built-in equipment for electrical installation).

Three characteristic curves for perfect adjustment to loads and lines

The single or double pole circuit breakers E-T-A 2216-S are available in different current ratings from 0.5A to 16A. Auxiliary contacts are optionally available (change-over contacts) for initiating alarm circuits and subsequent switching operations or for status indication of the main contact. Type 2216-S has been designed for voltages up to 240 V AC and for up to 50 V DC (single pole version) or 80 V DC (2 pole version).

Three different trip curves are available, allowing perfect adjustment to the load and line requirements. The instantaneous F1 curve for DC circuits corresponds to the standard A characteristic of circuit breakers. The fast trip curve F2 and the medium delay curve M1 are suitable for both AC and DC applications. The F2 curve corresponds to trip characteristic B and the M1 curve corresponds to the C characteristic to IEC/EN 60898/1 (DIN VDE 0641-11). The new circuit breaker type 2216-S will carry approvals to IEC EN 60934, UL 1077 and UL 508 and is therefore suitable for international use.

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