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Position Control Made Easy

Axioline I/O SystemPositioning and motion tasks are used in almost every application – for instance in woodworking, textile, and printing machines. This is the reason that the Axioline I/O system from Phoenix Contact has been expanded to include the AXL SSI 1/AO 1 module for position detection.

The terminal also has an analogue output to control drives. The combination of position measurement via the SSI interface and simultaneous analogue setpoint input offers a simple and fast positioning solution.

The SSI interface of the module enables fast communication with encoders up to a transmission frequency of 2 MHz. The value transferred by the encoder can be directly converted into a position by the module. This functionality significantly shortens commissioning times. The automation terminal has a resolution of up to 56 bits and supports Gray and binary encoders, making it sufficiently flexible for a range of applications. Additional functions include the synchronization of the SSI values with the digital or analogue inputs and outputs of the Axioline station as well as detailed diagnostics of the module and encoder. The positioning solution is rounded off by the integrated analogue output for specifying a setpoint. Users can define a setpoint position with standard voltage or current signals, e.g., for frequency converters.

There are various approaches for determining a rotary angle or a position. One solution involves measuring the position or the angle via an SSI interface. This technique has the advantage that no referencing is required in order to define a reference position. In addition, analogue setpoints can be used to control frequency converters, which in turn drive the motors for positioning.

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