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Phoenix Contact New Bus Coupler for Fast I/O Systems

Axioline AXL BK S3The Axioline real-time I/O system from Phoenix Contact is now available with Sercos-3 bus coupler. Its advantages include short reaction times and synchronised operation.

This makes the coupler ideal for use in packaging and printing machines or as a process bus for hydraulic or other pressure regulation systems where I/Os and drives share a common network.

The AXL BK S3 bus coupler, which complies with specification V1.3 (published in late 2011), accommodates up to 63 additional Axioline modules. This includes digital and analogue inputs and outputs, temperature sensors, as well as transmitters for position detection. Even when operated with a minimum Sercos cycle time of 31.25 µs, the internal Axioline local bus cycle time of just a few microseconds ensures that the process data is always up to date.

In addition to multiple real-time connections and detailed diagnostics options, the free Startup+ software allows users to check the electric wiring of an Axioline station even before start-up. Communication takes place either via the service interface built into the bus coupler or via one of the two Ethernet ports provided.   

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