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Friday, 03 February 2012 16:49

DEIF Remote APP gives remote access to a series of DEIF products connected to the internet. The APP allows you to browse available parameters and get instant overviews of your setup. With two potential data views you decide and configure the setup’s level of complexity.

Adjust data refresh rate, or shift to parameter graph mode for visual overviews of your real-time measurements. Optional unlimited log sessions secure and save consumed power over a certain period, for instance, even while the application is not running.

With this APP you can access an unlimited number of DEIF products via your iPhone or iPad, using either built-in WiFi or a GPRS mobile connection.

It is highly recommended to secure your data setup behind a firewall/VPN.

Supported devices:
    Advanced Energy Meter, AEM 180, AEM 305, AEM 380
    Advanced Power Meter, APM 305, APM 380
    Multi-Instrument, MIC-2
    Advanced Genset Controller, AGC-3 (test version with limited parameters)

Features :
    Supports an unlimited number of products for remote access
    Gain remote access to DEIF products by typing in remote device IP address and Modbus ID
    Name the remote products
    Save product type setup as default to simplify later setups of other units.
    Two view setups per product lets you choose the overview you need
    Drag ‘n Drop to arrange and sort your parameter lists
    Simply modify parameter views in edit mode
    Use graph mode to visualise trending and parameter behaviour
    Use log mode to initiate time-stamp parameter logs over set periods
    Set/change data refresh rates: 1 sec, 5 sec, 30 sec, stop, refresh now.
    Show/hide info bar for detailed information on your remote device
    Show/hide dedicated Modbus addresses for e.g. validating onsite PLC programming
    Tap DEIF logo to view information about supported DEIF products and APP version.

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