Busbar System Components

Wieland’s Podis® CON Remote Automation Technology For Machines & Plants

Nacco 17Wieland Electric’s Podis® CON is a modular power bus system for decentralised power distribution, which simplifies the planning, procurement, installation and maintenance of the power distribution systems.

For remote power distribution and automation, economy and high flexibility are the key factors in modern system planning. For power distribution, innovative approaches and solutions are imperative as intelligent installation systems replace the classical star distribution.

Remote automation allows the installation of switching and control functions near the consumer device in the field and avoiding costly central cabling. In this way, you follow the trend set by fieldbuses. Energy and auxiliary power or the ASi bus signal are distributed in the field by a 5+2 pole flat cable. Compact remote motor starters, fieldbus interfaces or I/O modules can be connected in an easy and error free manner close to the consumers without stripping, at any point desired, by means of insulation piercing termination. This insulating, penetrating contact without stripping the wire, creates flexibility both during installation, in addition to upgrades with increased flexibility of system expansions or later planning changes.

The uncut flat cable powerbus is designed for installations in harsh industrial environments and even damp ambient conditions do not restrict the application. To connect the field devices, fixed or pluggable power branches, preassembled cable sets and onsite maintenance switches are available. Wieland Electric’s Podis® CON is ideal for use in roller conveyors, pallet conveyors, carrying chain conveyors, belt conveyors container transportation and packaging conveyance.

The Podis® PLAN planning tool supports the configuring of the power requirements for specific power bus systems. Systems can be graphically configured, including the assignment of components. Protective devices cable and load parameters can be selected and entered conveniently in the input templates, thus negating the system failures often caused by incorrectly specified protection devices.


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