Busbar System Components

Socomec Solves Your Panel Puzzle

socomec busbarA multipurpose and compact busbar compliant with IEC / EN 61439 standard, SB C 15 that can be customized to your needs thanks to edgewise or flat mounting.

A wide range of busbar supports complete this product, providing you an ease and a flexibility of installation.

- 3-4 poles
- Edgewise/ Flat mounting
- Running until 6300 In
- High withstand to the short circuits until 80 kA
- Tested and validated by the Tesla Lab laboratory

Download the software tool to size bar sets.

busbar-softwareIt will define the best bar section and distance between each support for the electrical characteristics of the panel; compliant with standard IEC 61439-1.

It runs in a Windows® 95, 98, 2000, NT or XP environment.

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