Connection Systems

Marking, It’s Boring Right?

terminal markingYou know the things, little plastic labels that you clip onto terminals, shrink onto cables and stick on MCBs; it takes ages doesn’t it? (Especially if you’re hand writing them.)

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Arnocanali Earth & Neutral Distribution Blocks From Switchtec Are Supplied With IP20 Touch Pproof Terminals

Arnocanali Distribution BlocksAs sole distributor, Switchtec has introduced the Arnocanali range of Earth & Neutral distribution blocks. Used to distribute Earth, Neutral & Power to smaller or numerous cables within panels, the distribution blocks reduce installation time and keeps cable usage to a minimum, providing time and cost savings over traditional methods.

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PCB Terminal Blocks Of The Same Size With Differing Connection Technology

pcb terminal blocksThe identically shaped TDPT PCB terminal blocks from Phoenix Contact are the solution for market-specific devices in a uniform design. Thanks to their identical size, device manufacturers are free to choose either the screw or the Push-in spring connection, without having to adapt the PCB or device design.

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