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If by chance we have used any content in error we apologise and will remove said content immediately.

Supplied Content:
If content is supplied to us by a your PR/Marketing agency or other agency/3rd party for our publication working on your behalf. You have by default agreed for the free distribution of the copright/licence for its publication. When in any communication by any content provider there is a specific request to make provision for naming of the copyright owner, we will add the necessary comment/attributes accordingly to all published content with respect to a request.

In general:
We will attempt to attribute all work correctly by including the source of the material and state the name of the owner and include the correct copyright notice for the copied work where applicable.

It is our normal practice to request permission via the publisher of the work, by email or verbal agreement. We will also request permission from a permissions department where necessary who deal with our request if requested to do so by a webmaster etc.

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