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Switchtec’s HV DC Relays Use Proprietary Ceramic Chamber for High Arc Extinguishing Capability

HFE18-80 DC power relayWith the continuing growth of the renewable energy market, including electric vehicles and the storage of DC energy, there is a parallel requirement within these applications to switch high voltage DC circuits.  

Available from specialist distributor Switchtec, Hongfa’s high voltage DC power relays are designed to offer superior performance and reliability in these applications.  The relays use Hongfa’s own patented technology and independent intellectual property to achieve high levels of performance.

Dubbed the HFE18 and HFE80, the relays feature a ceramic chamber filled with a mix of hydrogen and nitrogen gas that provides high arc extinguishing capabilities and a high DC voltage cut-off. This feature also protects the contacts against environmental oxidation and corrosion, thus extending relay life even further.

The relays cover a range of rated currents from 10A to 300A with rated voltages from 12VDC to 750VDC.  The maximum switching voltage can be as high as 1000VDC.  The HE80V series relays is aimed at automated guided vehicles (AGV), personnel and tourist transportation shuttles, forklifts, golf carts, community vehicles, while the HFE80 series is designed for PV, UPS and transformer applications. The HFE18V is aimed at alternative energy vehicles, and the HFE18 is aimed at other DC input and output applications.  So there is a relay in the range for virtually any kind of HVDC switching where a compact relay is required.

One of the problems for designers of such relays for electric vehicles is that they have to be small in size, light weight, yet maintain a high switching capability.  Hongfa’s compact, encapsulated design achieves this with for example, a 300A rated relay measuring just 78 x 69 x 59mm (HxWxD).

But it is the shear scale and size of potential applications that make the Hongfa HVDC relays so exciting. As well as the aforementioned vehicle apps, the relays can be used in power charging devices, PV- and wind-power systems, construction and industry vehicles, DC server power and UPS, medical apparatus and instruments. In the world of power generation, the relays can be used in DC/AC inverters in the power grid, and in storage batteries systems in the role of battery management systems (BMS).  Other applications include elevators, industrial robots, and testing devices.  
Hongfa has developed the HFE18 and HFE80 series of HVDC relays to address the ongoing - and increasing - demand for DC switching. It was developed in partnership with Clean Energy car manufacturers and addresses their need for greater circuit design flexibility and components that enable downsizing and weight reduction, whilst maintaining the required electrical characteristics and performance.

As with any device incorporating special technology and for use in specific applications, purchasing such an item requires a seller with the technical experience and know-how to provide help and assistance both pre and post delivery.  Switchtec has over 30 years experience in specifying and supplying relays and it has both office and field sales engineers who are eminently capable of providing technical help and support.  Indeed the company’s operational culture and ethics are based on that level of service, and it prides itself on not being just a ‘catalogue’ supplier.


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