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Energy Management On Budget, In Budget And In Your Control

Multifunction metering with options for RS485, Ethernet
DCmFRER srl of Milan Italy, a true manufacturer in Europe of metering and measurement products offers in its range of multifunction meters the ability to have a low cost yet powerful energy monitoring setup that can be accessed remotely via any internet enabled device or locally via an onsite computer terminal or the desktop of the facility manager.

All the versions of the QUBO, Panel mounting, or NANO, DIN Rail mounting, multifunction meters, are accuracy Class .2. The multifunction panel meters are available as DIN96, 72 or DIN Rail mounting. Offer full 4 quadrant measuring of the 3 phase or the single-phase system as well as a version for use on DC systems via a shunt.

The ethernet communication option is available either built into the DIN96 meter or as a separate DIN rail mounted unit, MCILAN485. Built-in system memory is available as an option in versions of the ethernet gateway.

The energy meters, along with any other MODbus enabled device, water meter, gas meter etc, can be read via the Frerlogger data package. Frerlogger is a client owned and stored software package loaded inside the client’s firewall and with no data storage or monthly fee.

Combining the QUBO or NANO meter with the ethernet connectivity onboard or in the separate MCILAN485, allows the installer to connect to 31 other MODbus to the master and then via the Ethernet gateway to the outside world. The Frerlogger software offers options for emailing and alarm notification as well as an invoice package option for sub meters. Frer can provide MID approved meters for Sub metering applications.


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