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Electronic Overload Relays: New ZEB Series for 175A from Eaton

Eaton’s Electrical Sector is expanding its range of ZEB electronic overload relays with the addition of the new 175A series. Like previous devices in the ZEB range, the 175A devices ensure motor protection for different starting characteristics such as CLASS 10A, 10, 20 and 30.

Together with the electronic wide-range overload protection with a 5:1 ratio, the new series covers several standard bimetal relays. The type ZEB-GF electronic overload relays come with additional integrated protection from ground fault currents and can therefore be used as external summation current transformers without any additional accessories.

The new series can be reset manually or automatically after an overload release and also offers selectable phase loss sensitivity and can be used with imbalanced loads. A diagnostics LED gives visual warning of an impending overload.

The variants of the 175A series are available for both direct fitting on the xStart DILM80…DILM170 contactors, as well as on the new DILM185A/DILM225A series. The box terminals on the incoming and outgoing side of the ZEB/KK variant make the relay suitable for universal use in separate mounting applications (mounting to a metal plate).


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