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Compact Timing Relay For Simple Control Functions And Control Signal Adjustment

it timerIntelligent, networked components are part of modern production down to the field level of a plant. Despite this, and sometimes because of it, electromagnetic components such as timing relays are indispensable.

For example, they are frequently used in automation technology to balance out errors caused by high cycle rates. A fast impulse from a limit switch, which could be tending to bounce after a long period of use, can be misinterpreted. With a timing relay, these short impulses can simply be extended. This means they are reliably detected by downstream control components.

But even electro-magnetic standalone solutions are still justified. These contactor controllers or hard-wired programmed logic controllers were the only way of automating processes before the development of PLC technology. Originally, they were made from electro-magnetic components only (contactors, auxiliary contactors). After the introduction of semiconductor technology, electronic elements were increasingly added. For simple machines, where only a few parameters need to be altered as a function of the design, connection-programmed controllers are still a very economical and robust solution which is also very simple to operate. In these controllers, timing relays take on the role of a pacemaker. This includes not only switch-on and off delays: high-performance relays can also switch at a selectable frequency, in order to allow warning lights to flash, etc.

For Weidmüller, the maintenance and development of components of this kind for industrial use is a matter of course. The IT TIMER timing relay proves this with a range of user-friendly features. The controls can be adjusted using standard tools. An LED display indicates when the supply voltage is applied, a time function is  running or the relay has been triggered.

it timer dialThe control elements and the display are ergonomically positioned in the flat front cover, which makes configuration particularly easy. Despite this, the size is still very compact at 57.9 x 17.5 x 98 mm (depth, width, height). This means the timing relay even fits into small spaces close to the machines. The device also fulfils product standards in accordance with ICE 61812-1 (relay with defined behaviour over time (timing relay) for industrial applications).

These standards not only describe standard requirements; they also cover regulations for resistance to vibrations. This is particularly important for electro-mechanical components for installation close to machines, as mentioned above. As ICE 61812-1 is a global standard, it guarantees international use. This makes it an important purchase criterion for export-oriented industries such as machine construction.

The timing relay works in an operating range of 24 V DC to 48 V DC or 24 V AC to 240 V AC and is therefore suitable both for traditional contactor circuits and for applications working with control voltages. Six time ranges cover a gap from 0.05 s to 10 h, with repeat accuracy of < 0.5 % or ±5 ms. With switching capacity of 1250 VA AC (ohmic) or 90 W DC (ohmic), it can take on a range of switching functions directly, i.e. without additional contactors. The high quality AgNi contacts ensure a mechanical service life of 1 x 10^6 switch cycles.

Thanks to its multifunctional design with seven time functions and a separate control input, the IT TIMER timing relay covers a wide range of frequently used applications. As well as the standard "switch-on delay" and "switch-off delay with control contact" option, the device also offers functions of "passing make with control contract rising edge", "passing make, voltage controlled rising edge", "passing make with control contact falling edge", "pulse emitter starting in
non-operated position" and "flip-flop (latching)".

With this combination of industry-resistant hardware, simple operation, multi-voltage input and numerous timing functions, the IT TIMER timing relay covers almost all time-controlled functions which occur in hard-wired programmed logic controller applications in a single device.

The IT Timer timing relay is assembled with screw connections. These can connect conductors of 0.25 to 2.5 mm² reliably.

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