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E-T-A Circuit Breakers Type EBU Is A World First - The Solution For Reliable Power Safety

E-T-A Circuit Breakers Electronic Breaker UnitE-T-A unveils a world first: the EBU (Electronic Breaker Unit), a newly designed hybrid protective element for a stable energy security of UPS systems. UPS means “uninterruptible power supply”.

These systems are used to ensure permanent power supply even in the event of a mains failure. And this is our dilemma: The current supplied by the UPS is not sufficient to magnetically trip the overcurrent protection. Hence, the entire UPS system will be disconnected. The so-called “uninterruptible power supply” will interrupt!

Type EBU - the solution for reliable power safety
The E-T-A circuit breaker type EBU for AC 230 V consists of an MCB that is approved for short circuit interruptions up to 10 kA and of an add-on electronic circuitry, taking over measuring and evaluation tasks. The product is available with the typical MCB ratings 6 A, 10 A and 16 A with B and C characteristics and is directly operated at the output of the corresponding UPS.

Easy handling
The EBU can be adjusted to the actual load conditions and the capability of the UPS unit in question by means of an adjustment potentiometer. For this purpose the device is simply adjusted to the current rating of the UPS and the load. Thus the device will reliably trip in the event of a failure. And only the load path concerned will be disconnected. All other paths remain unaffected. The EBU unit tolerates switch-on operations and the corresponding high inrush currents. Users benefit from faultless operation and, in addition, from significantly reduced costs.


- Saves costs by rating the UPS more efficiently by one third, resulting in much lower follow-up costs.
- Increases system availability through selective and effective protection
- Provides ease of planning through variable overcurrent protection

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