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E-T-A Circuit Breakers Electronic Circuit Protector REX12 - A Neat And Smart Connection

REX12 with io-linkREX12, the new generation of electronic overcurrent protection, combines flexibility and compact design upon request with industrial communication via the point-to-point connection IO link.

The REX12 product range offers the suitable combination of devices, depending on the application and requirements. The REX12 exactly meets the technical and economic requirements of the machine and panel builders. No additional accessories are required when connecting the individual components electrically and mechanically. This helps save time and money!

The product group consists of the EM12-T supply modules with integral group error signalling by means of a relay contact and the EM12D-T IO Link device, which transmits a great amount of diagnostic information to the superordinate IO link master in addition to the supply. It also comprises the single channel and double channel REX12-T electronic circuit protectors or the digital switching version REX12D-T, both types featuring a modular design to be mounted side by side.

The 12.5 mm wide modules feature push-in technology for wiring with press release buttons and allow no-tool time-saving and maintenance-free wiring. The supply modules are designed for DC 24 V and 40 A. They accommodate max. 10 mm² with wire end ferrule as a positive supply. On the load output side the circuit protector can be wired with 2.5 mm².

Innovative connection technology:
Snap on devices ... close the connector arm ... done!
REX12 combinations



The REX12 circuit protector allows the customer to build up an economically designed DC 24 V protection system with side-by-side mountable circuit protectors, requiring only minimum wiring efforts and no additional connection accessories whatsoever.


Digital switching DC 24 V protection
Digital switching









The single channel circuit protectors are available in all standard current ratings from 1 A to 10 A. The double channel models are available in the current ratings 2 A, 4 A and 6 A. This helps protect not only powerful loads, but also sensitive loads and smallest cable cross sections. Failures can clearly be detected and remedied.

Networked switching DC 24 V protection with IO Link

Networked switching DC 24 V protection with IO Link








Up to 16 channels of the smart circuit protector REX12D-T can be connected to the port of the superordinate IO link master by means of the EM12D-T supply module. The specified standard communication transmits comprehensive diagnostic and parameter data. This ensures maximum transparency of your machinery and unrivalled flexibility.

The REX12 offers brilliant flexibility which allows upgrades at a later date. The modular design enables changes of load currents or replacement of devices. Just open the left and right hinged connector arm of the circuit protector and remove the unit in question. Put in a new unit, close the connector arm, done!

REX12 connections




 Above: The innovative hinged connector arm mechanism makes connection of the individual devices as easy as can be. Up to 16 devices or a maximum of 40 A can be placed on the symmetrical rail side-by-side and they can be electrically connected without further accessories. No bridges, jumpers or busbars required.


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