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E-T-A Offers Customised Circuit Protection Solutions

E-T-A Circuit Breakers, quality designer and manufacturer of a broad range of electro-mechanical and electronic products for circuit protection, specialises in providing customised circuit protection solutions designed to facilitate the installation and use of E-T-A products.

The customised service involves designing solutions in conjunction with the customer and building them fully interconnected to an agreed schedule.

This service extends from the design and manufacture of bus bars, switch panels and other accessory items to complete pre-wired distribution sub-racks and power control systems. The service is suitable for manufacturing and process control, in a wide range of industries including telecommunications, petro-chemical, pharmaceutical, rail, water, aerospace and defence.

E-T-A has hundreds of thousands of different circuit breaker configurations to choose from, complemented by accessories, terminal blocks and power distribution rails, which together represent one of the widest selections of products of their type available. Whatever the scale of a customer’s requirements, E-T-A will work with the customer to turn a concept into a reliable and cost-effective solution. Pro-E® software enables E-T-A designers to create 3-D computer models for the demonstration of the ideas and to respond rapidly to enquiries.

A variety of mounting configurations is available to help provide the best solution for individual applications. Some models are pluggable, utilising E-T-A mounting sockets, offering versatility and convenience - particularly during service and maintenance – while track-mountable products are available for installation in control cabinets. As a further option, securely fixed panel mounted circuit breakers will enhance overall system robustness.

Crucial to a properly designed and reliable power distribution system is the correct selection of circuit protection, including current ratings and trip characteristics, to ensure that neither the cables nor the load itself are damaged by overload or short circuit. It is also of paramount importance to avoid any adverse effects on the power supply or loads adjacent to a faulty circuit. E-T-A electro-mechanical and electronic circuit breakers and protectors are ideally suited to this purpose.

All applications of E-T-A products are characterised by an uncompromising demand for safety, performance and reliability. They rely on unrivalled knowledge and expertise, gained through 60 years of developing thermal, thermal-magnetic, magnetic and high performance circuit breakers as well as electronic switching and control devices. This experience has helped to establish the E-T-A trademark as a recognised symbol of quality and dependability, trusted worldwide to safeguard reputations. E-T-A products are hard at work in aircraft, marine vessels, land vehicles, communication systems, medical equipment, factory automation, and many more applications.

E-T-A Circuit Breakers

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