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E-T-A Circuit Breakers IO-Link Device For ControlPlex® SVS201-CP

ControlPlex BoardFit for future requirements of factory automation and process control:
E-T-A extends the SVS201-CP ControlPlex® Board power distribution system by the communication interface IO link. It allows integration of electronic DC 24 V protection into communication technology.

Point-to-point IO link communication is unique and offers considerable reduction of wiring time, significantly improves diagnostic capabilities and provides a longer machine run time.

What are the benefits offered by the new IO-Link Device CPC10IO-S1-001?

It transmits a great number of diagnostic information to a superordinate IO link master. Information includes values of input voltage, load current, load voltage, limit values, unit temperature as well as various setting options, for example current rating, utilisation warning thresholds in percent and a sequential start-up. The IO link device CPC10IO-S1 allows communication of up to 16 circuit protectors ESX50D-S with the IO link master port.

Cost and time savings:
-    Reduced inventory through adjustable ratings from 1 to 10 A
-    Ease of adjustment in the event of system extensions due to plug-in design
-    Little space requirement in control cabinets through compact design

Reduced downtimes:
-    Quick reaction in the event of a failure through detection of fault conditions such as short circuit or overload
-    Condition monitoring based on permanent data recording
-    Fast system reset through remote access


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