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Carlo Gavazzi Launch The DEA71 And DEB71 Earth Leakage Monitoring Relays

DEA71 DEB71 earth leakageCarlo Gavazzi has launched the DEA71 and DEB71 range of earth leakage monitoring relays, used to detect earth leakage current which can be potentially dangerous when un-detected in electrical networks.

These devices ensure the protection of installations against fire and persons against electrocution, by interrupting the mains on a faulty load when used with a CTG core balance transformer.

The setpoint on the DEA71 is factory set to 30mA or 300mA and it is not adjustable speeding up installation time, sets a reliable tripping level and protects against tampering whilst the DEB71 is fully adjustable and is available from 30mA to 5A or 300mA to 30A. Both devices are equipped with two changeover relay outputs providing the alarm signal and an additional warning output. One output triggers at 60% of setpoint value providing an early warning to user, the other output is used to shut down the supply to prevent electrocution or fire.

Each of the DEA71 and the DEB71 have a supply voltage from 24 to 240Vac, local and remote test/reset function in case of tripping or for regular test and both can be used on three phase or single phase, which not necessarily needs to be earthed.

The DEA71 and DEB71 can be the perfect solution for Building automation including industrial, commercial and residential, data centres, materials handling, water treatment, doors and entrance applications or anywhere where people could be at the risk of electrocution and equipment could be at risk of fire.

As with all Carlo Gavazzi products the DEA71 and DEB71 has CE marking and UL certifications.


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