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EMKA Quarter-Turns – simple latches through to keylocks requiring just a quarter-turn to operate

Quarter TurnsEMKA ex-stock quarter-turns are quick to fit and quick to operate latch locks which suit factory to office, computer room to laboratory where quarter-turns are a simple and low-cost latching and locking system – some with spring clip fixing, others with back nut and an increasing focus on push/clip fit or other ultra-quick fit designs such as the EMKA 1022.

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EMKA Raises Quality With Gaskets Made Of 100% EPDM

EPDM compression sealsEMKA UK is successively converting the material of their self-clamping gasket profiles to single piece mouldings in EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) replacing the previous two-part glued assembly of EPDM and (PVC).

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