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EMKA Address The Medical Device Industry

Medical devicesAs market leading manufacturer/suppliers to many specialist industrial markets, EMKA are pleased to announce they have good stocks of hardware such as 316 grade stainless steel items for general medical equipment or devices – ideal for hospital use, as well as for food processing where similar considerations may apply.

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EMKA Handles – One In A Million

EMKA handlesWhen we do a Google search for equipment handles or hardware handles, the range we are presented with in commonly known as extensive – nearly 200 million, so for EMKA to feature twice on page one of “enclosure handles” out of 21 million possible suggests that they know a bit about handles.

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EMKA Space-saving Lever Locking Lift Handles

lift handlesAs major manufacturers in enclosure/cabinet hardware, EMKA are aware of the space pressures often experienced by specialist panel builders – to this end they are pleased to offer very narrow vertical lever locking handles which reduce door margins to a minimum and can operate either inside or external to the gasket sealed area, while maximising the usable door area.

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