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FDB Panel Fittings Gas Struts Knowledge Base Guide

FDB gas strut guide“I have a tail gate, machine guard, skylight, cabinet door etc. that needs supporting/lifting/counterbalancing – how can you help?”

A common enough enquiry experienced by the experts at FDB Panel Fittings who have now made available a Gas Struts Knowledge Base Guide to address this situation with information on applications, operation, key selection criteria, force characteristics, life expectancy and standard sizes/rod ends etc.

This useful downloadable document - which is available at www.fdb.co.uk/downloads/knowledge-base.html - aims to give enough guidance to introduce gas struts to new users or to help experienced users to specify a suitable unit. The Knowledge Base Guides are backed by the extensive experience of staff at FDB Panel Fittings who can help refine user choice from the standard product range or to define custom requirements. These include use on coaches, horse boxes, medical/rehab equipment, as well as AISI 316 stainless steel units for marine, off-shore, food and pharmaceutical industries.

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