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FDB Speeds-the-Way To Rugged Cabinet Hardware

FDB cabinet hingesWhen Argon Welding Ltd saw the need for rugged all-terrain mechanics tool cabinets in their favourite sport of motorbike speedway racing, they naturally turned to in-house argon welding capability – but they also turned to FDB Panel Fittings for their specialist expertise and products to aid in quick low-cost assembly.

Explained Steve Pickering at www.argonweldingservices.co.uk: “We needed a method of snap joining units and installing hardware like hinges – FDB’s SNAPLINE fitted our requirements really well, and their radial pin tumbler camlocks completed the workshop pack they supplied under their Rocfast program.”

The finished toolboxes with inflatable pneumatic tyred wheels have in-built power distribution for laptops, telemetry and power tools and are suitable for bike and car service engineers in speedway, grass track, scrambling, autocross, rallying etc. The flexibility of the FDB product pack also aids Argon Welding in production of custom boxes in sponsor configurations where required.

FDB’s Terry Cantle expressed delight at the project. “Argon Welding have a great design here and we were pleased to supply rugged hardware which was easy for them to integrate into these very specialised units.

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