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Marking, It’s Boring Right?

terminal markingYou know the things, little plastic labels that you clip onto terminals, shrink onto cables and stick on MCBs; it takes ages doesn’t it? (Especially if you’re hand writing them.)

I get it though, compared to everything else in the machine build, they don’t do anything clever, you can’t wire them, plus they don’t have any flashing lights; they’re just labels. But in all seriousness one of reasons for them is safety and fault finding which puts them a few places up in the league table.

So with that said, how can we make the tedious job of marking quicker and easier? Well, the answer is definitely Phoenix Contact (I would say that though as I work for them). But again, in all seriousness, at Phoenix Contact the boundaries are being pushed and some serious investment has been made to make it a premier supplier when it comes to marking. All this with one goal in mind, to make engineers and installers lives easier when it comes to that dreaded job of marking.

thermomark softwareNow with that said, I can hear you asking how? Well it’s thanks to many things Phoenix Contact have developed over the past few years starting with the PROJECT COMPLETE software. This software is what you’d use to design your markers it links DIRECTLY with Eplan. With just a click of a button Eplan will export all your labels onto PROJECT COMPLETE where all you need to do is print. Let’s not forget about our old friend Excel too of course which you can also export from.

Next up to make your life even easier, will be the fastest selling marking system: THERMOMARK PRIME. This can print any label you need for your machine (within reason of course) and what’s more, you don’t necessarily need to use your PC to operate it, it has a tablet based system on the device allowing you to print right at your machine. It also holds a charge too, so no power needed either. You’ve got to see this device to appreciate it, it is awesome.

thermomark appPhoenix Contact has also developed an APP for IOS and ANDROID. On the IOS version allows you to scan Phoenix Contact products to find the right marking material and links you straight to the Eshop to purchase it. On the ANDROID version you can do the same, but you can also create your marking files on the APP and Bluetooth them over to your printer. Who doesn’t love a bit of Bluetooth?

Phoenix Contact are stamping their foot in digitalization further by installing tablet operating systems on all current and new marking systems, making them smarter, quicker and easier to use.

Additionally Phoenix Contact are offering one of, if not the largest marking offering worldwide currently. Whatever your requirements are it is very likely Phoenix Contact can meet them with over 10 different marking systems to offer.

So ok, historically marking is a bit of a boring job, but now with Phoenix Contact on the scene, there’s some clever tech you can play with to make the job more interesting and most importantly smarter, faster and easier.


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