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The New iX HMI Range from Mitsubishi Electric

The new iX HMI range from Mitsubishi Electric is a giant leap forward, using the latest technologies to provide the world’s most graphic HMI solutions.

At last, a HMI that really is designed for Humans! Explore our modern control interface by using scroll and swipe gestures to make your application intuitive and more efficient to navigate whilst saving screen space too.

With the clear and flexible objects in iX 2.0 you can provide safe and reliable operations that only require a short introduction time. Advanced vector-based graphics and Windows media objects make sure your applications look professional and reflect high standards. Save screen space with new and smarter navigation tools controlled by gestures. Explore modern controlling inspired by mobile devices, using scroll and swipe gestures to make your application faster and more efficient to navigate.
Great choice

The iX range offers a fantastic range of wide-screen HMIs ranging from 4.3” to 21” and even a PC-based soft HMI, using comprehensive built-in functions such as recipes, trends, schedulers and audit trails. With the open architecture and the technologies that accompany the .NET Framework, the iX HMI solution is truly open and flexible. For specialised applications you can use your own C# scripting and .NET components to further extend functionality. iX 2.0 fully supports your ideas without slowing you down.

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