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HMI Faceplates for Easy Switch Diagnostics from Phoenix Contact

HMI FaceplatesHMI faceplates for easy diagnostics and configuration are also available now for the advanced managed switches from the FL Switch 7000 series from Phoenix Contact.

The switches support the Device Level Ring (DLR) protocol in an Ethernet/IP environment for nearly seamless switching times of less than 3 ms, as well as the Common Industrial Protocol (CIP).

HMI faceplates enable operating systems in Ethernet/IP networks to access important diagnostic information about the network, without programming effort, and to perform port-specific configurations in the field. Due to the preconfigured use of CIP information, commissioning is possible without programming work.

The HMI faceplates enable, among other things, full detection of changes in the machine network, such as the loss of a link to a port, power supply failure, or the activation of a DLR redundancy mechanism. This means that the user can act quickly when there is a problem and initiate the appropriate maintenance measures.


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