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New Display Sizes for Phoenix Contact Visu+ HMIs

Phoenix Contact Visu+ HMIsPhoenix Contact is expanding its existing range of HMI devices for the Visu+ visualisation software with four additional display variants.

The new 4.3", 9.0", 12.0", and 15.4" display sizes give system planners even more choice.

The HMIs are fitted with the latest ARM Cortex-A8 processors. The improved processor power gives the user up to ten percent faster image refresh and reaction times. This means the visualisations created with the Visu+ software will run even more smoothly. Detailed and complex operating and monitoring interfaces can be created and access to machines and systems intuitively designed. The 1 GB Flash memory and 512 Mbyte RAM provide adequate resources for complex visualisation concepts.

The HMI devices are fitted with a range of drivers and so can be connected to third-party systems, also Phoenix Contact offers the Visu+ mobile app which enables constant access to the HMI and then to the system via a mobile device. An integrated buzzer with a volume of up to 85 dB eliminates the need for an external signalling device.

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