HERE’S HOW SOME SIMPLE IDEAS SAVED PANEL BUILDERS A SMALL FORTUNE Our Engineers have developed a special ‘Executive Briefing’ to share with you a sequence of case studies to demonstrate how you too could achieve these outstanding results in your production process. • We saved one customer over £594,000 a year • Reduced another’s labour costs by £197,000 a year • Extended one customer’s product life by an additional 4 years • Lowered another’s transport costs by £258,000 • Yet another to complete 800 control panels in under half the time • And one that avoided some serious Health & Safety issues for their employees CHH CoNeX Limited 4 Holford Way, Holford Industrial Estate, Witton, Birmingham B6 7AX Tel: +44 (0)121 344 4229 | Fax: +44 (0)121 344 4227 We would like to share with you how we resolved as series of technical and commercial challenges when building and supplying cabling and electrical control panels… Please call now on 0121 344 4229 or email Spencer.Franklin @ and let’s arrange a time to share these examples, and many more, with you Would you like to learn how we saved panel builders this time and money?