TVR Instruments Mains Relays

The UFR1001E system-disconnection relay monitors voltage and frequency in single or three-phase networks. LOSS OF MAINS RELAYS: Pre-setting per G59/3, G83/2 and the new G98 and G99 compliant Model UFR1001E instruments ltd • Pre-setting per G59/3, G83/2 and the new G98 and G99 compliant Model UFR1001E • Under and overvoltage monitoring 40…520 V • Under and over frequency monitoring 45…65 Hz • Monitoring of Rate of Change of Frequency (ROCOF, df/dt) • Monitoring the voltage quality (10 minute average value) • Fail-safe, with monitoring of the connected section switch (can be switched off) 2 automatic restarts on error • Supports the mains synchronisation when using generators • Measurement 3 phase 3 or 4 wire systems or single phase • Response time adjustable 0.05 … 130.0 s, individual setting for each limit • Self-test • No PC required for programming easy installation and set up READ MORE TVR Instruments Limited 143 Butt Road, Colchester CO3 3DP Essex, United Kingdom instruments ltd Tel: +44 (0) 1206 575755 Email: • Zero Export Device and limiter. Switch off within <500 ms at inadmissible feed in that is contrary to contract • IP-connection, integrated webserver • Measuring of active power • Counters for power (feed in and consumption) and switched on consumers (calculated) • 3 relay outputs • 4 digital inputs Y1-Y4 for control signals • Analogue outputs for stepless regulation of a consumer. Zero adjustable 0-10 mA / 0-5V for charging only when enough power is available • Measuring transducer for power DC 0/2-10 V, 0/4-20 mA for active power up to ± 1000 kW, scaleable EFR4000IP Relays for energy flow EFR4000IP monitor the current flow between public power grid and generating plant / consumer. Operation is controlled via integrated webserver or directly at the device. Measured values are clearly displayed on the LCD display. The EFR4000IP is used to manage and control the local load and the export limitations placed on the installation. READ MORE NEW G98 & G99 COMPLIANT