The Panel Builder Issue 62

EQUES®CrossBoard 1-pole adapter for mounting miniature circuit breakers from various manufacturers. – Rated current up to 63A – Equipment width 18mm – 1-pole version: L1, L2, L3 or empty adapter – Fixed mounting rail – Connection cables: 2.5mm², 10mm² – UL-listed BROOME10® CROSSBOARD The power supply, which can be connected directly on the CrossBoard®, supplies the components with 24 Vdc supply voltage. – Rated output current up to 10A – Equipment width 45mm – 3-phase input voltage range from AC 380 – 480 V – 95% Efficiency – Self-protection in the event of a short-circuit with intelligent reset – No back-up fuse required – Series and parallel connection to expand the current and voltage range – UL-listed