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Wieland Electric Uses LiFi Technology For In-house Production

Wieland LifIWieland Electric’s HQ in Bamberg, Germany is using optical data transfer for its high quality electronic components production line for transmission of data to the machine controller and for the collection of operating data between LiFi sender and receiver.

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Phoenix Contact And Venios Develop IoT Platform Solution

iot solutionWith the systematic elimination of conventional power generation sources, distribution systems will face new challenges in the future: Volatility is on the rise as a result of renewable energies, and consumer requirements for security of supply are increasing.

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Intelligent Ethernet Extenders From Phoenix Contact

tc extendersPhoenix Contact TC extenders don't just extend simple point-to-point Ethernet paths via Plug-and-Play. All extender paths and devices can be easily monitored remotely using a single managed device via IP address.

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