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Reliable Insulation From The Field To the Network From Phoenix Contact

mini analog proThe Mini Analog Pro signal conditioners from Phoenix Contact, featuring bus and network connection combine the benefits of safe electrical isolation with those of digital communication.

Up to eight field signals can be transmitted to industrial networks without error on less than 50 mm overall width. Signal-specific input cards are no longer required.

The highly compact modules with an overall width of just 6.2 mm provide you with all conventional signal transmission functions: analogue, temperature, frequency or switch signals are processed safely and transmitted to output signals. The new plug-in gateways digitize this output data and send it directly from the interface level to the control system or PLC via a serial communication protocol such as Modbus or Profibus.

In addition to fast, error-free signal bundling on one network cable, this offers you safe electrical isolation right to the CPU, even between the individual channels. Up to eight signal conditioners with current or digital outputs can be combined as desired. This enables previously unachievable modularity and space saving.


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