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E-T-A Circuit Breakers ControlPlex®Board SVS201-CP With IO-Link

CPC10IO S1After hitting the »Power-ON« button the data exchange automatically starts between the electronic circuit protector ESX50D-S and the IO link device CPC10IO-S1.

The latter transmits the status indications for each load circuit, overload or short circuit as well as measuring data such as system voltage, load voltage or load current directly to the IO link master and thus to your IO link system.

The IO link device CPC10IO-S1 allows communication of up to 16 circuit protectors ESX50D-S with the port of the IO link master. Therefore max. 64 circuit protectors ESX50D-S can be connected to an IO link master.

4 ports/master x 16 ESX50D-S = 64 ESX50D-S

ControlPlex® Bus-Controller CPC10IO-S1:

-   Connection to your system with IO-Link
-   Control of load circuits
-   Recording of measuring data and status information of the electronic circuit protectors
-   Circuit protectors are fully parameterisable
-   Power distribution up to 40A with reduced wiring time
-   Selective overcurrent protection with integral current limitation
-   The system can be started up and extended at cyberspeed through genuine "plug and play" and "hot swap"

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