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Narrow Bus Couplers for Compact I/O Stations from Phoenix Contact

IL EC BK PAC busThe modular Inline I/O system product range from Phoenix Contact has now been extended with two new bus couplers: the IL EC BK-PAC bus coupler connects the Inline I/O system to an EtherCAT® controller.

The bus coupler designed as an EtherCAT® slave supports the CoE and FSoE mailbox protocols. The entire I/O station is mapped as a modular EtherCAT® device using the Modular Device Profile (MDP) via the bus coupler. A corresponding ESI file is available for integrating the Inline station into the programming system.

The IL CO BK-XC-PAC bus coupler for CANopen® is designed as an XC variant and can be used in adverse ambient conditions. For distributed safety solutions, both bus couplers can be combined with safety-related terminal blocks featuring SafetyBridge Technology. Due to the overall width of just 40 mm, compact I/O stations can be easily implemented using this new generation of bus couplers.


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