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Weidmüller u-remote Modules With IP20 And IP67 Degree Of Protection For IO-Link

IO Link modulesIO-Link master modules in the IP20 and IP67 degree of protection for significantly improved parameterisation and diagnosis of sensors and actuators in all environmental conditions.

In machinery and plant engineering, the aim is to significantly reduce what was previously the time-consuming processes of installation and commissioning. These phases involve electrically connecting individual components – sensors and actuators – and then adjusting and parameterising them. Using the IO-Link communication system to connect intelligent sensors and actuators to the controller significantly reduces the amount of time required. Sensors can be connected quickly and without any errors using a pre-assembled cable, for example, while automated commissioning is also made possible by means of downloading parameter sets in seconds. Another advantage is IO-Link’s complete transparency right down to the sensor / actuator level, which substantially supports plant availability. IO-Link enables high-precision diagnosis and simplified device replacement, which considerably reduces downtimes and therefore maintenance costs. Weidmüller is also providing comprehensive support for the advantages of IO-Link with u-remote, the flexible I/O system for streamlined planning and quick commissioning. Whether used as a control cabinet system, in mixed applications in the IP20 and IP67 degrees of protection or placed directly in the field for signal connection purposes, u-remote gives the user all the freedoms of a flexible I/O architecture and offers the advantages of a consistent overall system. The web server integrated in u-remote enables convenient parameterisation and quick plant servicing without any need for additional software.

IO Link modulesIO-Link is a standardised IO technology (IEC 61131-9) for communication with sensors and actuators. An IO-Link system consists of the IO-Link Master and one or more IO-Link devices, i.e. sensors or actuators. The IO-Link Master is the interface to the higher-level controller and controls the communication among the connected IO-Link devices. For IO-Link, Weidmüller is offering a master module in the IP20 and IP67 degrees of protection. In the case of both modules, the modules and the connected devices are very conveniently parameterised using the integrated web server; no additional software is required. Compared with commercially available IP20 master modules, the Weidmüller master module has an increased power supply, with 500 mA per IO channel (type A) available instead of 200 mA, which is an increase of 150%.

IO Link MasterThe IO-Link modules in the IP67 degree of protection can be directly installed locally in the field and form the communication interface to the sensors and actuators. The IO-Link master module is 30 mm wide and has four type A and four type B ports too. It also has improved parameterisation and diagnostic properties for the connected sensors and actuators. For the first time ever, its type B ports enable the connection of actuators of up to 2 A. Each and every port can also be configured as an input or output too.

With u-remote in IP67, users can increase the feed-in to the I/O system to 16 A. This means that a larger number of consumers can be connected in a line and thus considerably reduces the wiring required. u-remote IP67 modules with their L-coded plugs therefore bring more power into the system.

Both u-remote modules for IO-Link – whether in the IP20 or the IP67 degree of protection – can be very conveniently parameterised using the web server. With its interface, the web server allows for both on-site and remote testing. Whether it’s used for remote diagnostics or for the local simulation of inputs and forcing of outputs, u-remote requires no special software for this purpose; all it needs is a standard Internet browser. Processes and procedures can also be simulated without a controller being connected. In addition to simplified, phased commissioning, this also speeds up servicing in the event of any unplanned plant downtime. The web server design cuts an impressive figure thanks to its high level of user-friendliness and simple configuration, especially of series machines.


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