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Energy Monitoring Has Never Mattered More

DTC Power MonitoringProtect our Data Centre powerhouses by mastering Data Centre monitoring.
As the powerhouses of the world, data centres are providing life critical protection and support as we face unique challenges that not even the most robust continuity plan was ready for.

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Measuring For Control And Efficacy

DCmWhen it comes to metering the are many consideration the end user will place on the installer or consultant designing the system. Critical to the end user will be easy of access to the data that will govern the decisions they need to make for the efficient use and operation of plant, machinery and crucially to save energy.

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Getting The Measure Of Power Monitoring

William DarbyUsing electrical power efficiently is fundamental to any business looking to reduce energy costs, improve operational efficiency, and meeting sustainability goals. Will Darby, managing director of metering, controls and automation specialist Carlo Gavazzi UK, highlights an innovative solution to measuring power consumption in a data centre.

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Energy Meters For Underground Applications

SACI TCIL2The SACI TCIL2 3-phase indirect energy meter for when reliability counts

SACI´s TCIL2 3-phase indirect energy meters and analysers were installed recently as part of the upgrade of Riyadh´s underground system, Saudi Arabia.

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Game Changing DC power - Coming To A Data Centre Near You

Control and power supplyAs power densities increase, colocation and hyperscale data center operators need to maximise every opportunity to reduce power consumption – and associated costs. One such opportunity is to use energy saving 380V direct current (DC) which could be a game changer for the entire data center industry.

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