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Revolutionary Process Meter Launched by Trumeter

Trumeter’s Trurange™ Process MeterGlobal innovators in the design and manufacture of control and measurement products, Trumeter, have launched a process meter representing unprecedented levels of performance, precision and control for industrial applications.

Incorporating Trumeter’s trurange™ technology and developed with a central focus on being ‘easy-to-use’ and ‘easy-to-read’, the new meter range operates to an accuracy of 0.1 percent or better.

User-friendly responsive features include dynamic backlighting and set point alarms that react to what is being measured and visually alert operators if a parameter is out of range.

Alongside these, the fully programmable scale and four-digit starburst display to enable customisable labels and alerts lessen the risk of equipment damage, reduce downtime, lower costs and improve worker safety.

Further features include two independent outputs, either analogue or digital, which can be used to trigger an external audible alarm or stop a process completely, which have been designed for simple integration with PLC’s.

The new meters boast unrivalled functionality, with user-selectable inputs for voltage between 0-10V and current between 0-50mA, plus software enabled configuration of up to 20 points in a non-linear conversion table, for use with sensors such as thermocouples and pressure transducers.

Trumeter group sales & marketing director, Alf Jones highlighted the new technology’s appeal for commercial applications, commenting:
‘The unrivalled precision and range of user-friendly features that the new process meters incorporate make them a perfect fit for any industrial environment requiring responsive and accurate real-time reporting.’

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