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Bimetallic Instruments From SACI

saci analogueMaximum Demand Ammeters
The image on the left shows the display from one of SACI’s maximum demand ammeters. These units measure the maximum average load over a 15-min period (or 8 min period on demand) which is achieved thanks to the inherent time lag in the bimetallic movement.

Some units also include a reading of the instantaneous load by including a standard ammeter.

saci ammeterThe units are available in three standard sizes; 72x72mm(BEC4V), 96x96mm(BEC3V), and 144x144 mm(BEC2V).  The scales are interchangeable so they can be selected according to the requirements of the installation and are available to operate from 1A and 5A versions.

An alarm is included in the units BEC2VA, BEC3VA and BEC4VA with a red LED indicator and which can be adjusted from the front of the unit.
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