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New MID Certified Plug In Panel Meter From Smart Process and Control

x835 midAfter carefully studying the range of different types of Panel meters available in the market, Smart Process and Control believe they have designed a product that will tick all the boxes. What sets us aside from the others Panel meters available?

Labour Saving due to SmartConnect plug in system
We are all aware that there are several plug in type of meters now available in the market. But we found that some of the designs have not been carefully thought of.

•    For example ours can be used with SmartConnects CTS for a faster installation or if you prefer  you can traditionally wire. You are not tied in to use our Current Transformers.  
•    We also have identified that most meters that are self-supplied, take an internal reference from the L1 phase. What happens if the L1 phase fails? The meter will no longer work, the other two phases will still be consuming power but you will not be recording this information. The meter will not be able to identify the issue as there is no power to the meter and  therefore no display. We have fixed this problem by using an internal 3 phase supply, so no matter if any of the phases fail, the meter will still record and display the other two phases. You will also be able to identify from the meter which phase has failed.

MID Certified
We are also aware there are MID certified panel meters, What are our advantages?

•    Class C certified, this means 0.5 Accuracy, If installed with the correct CTS and cable lengths.  Most  Panel meters seem to be Class B which is 1%. Others that are Class C are charging you a premium for this.
•    Certified in the UK by SGS who are leading laboratory for certifying Meters for MID.
•    Certified to be used for single phase and three phase. Due to the way the certification works, if the meter has been tested only for three phase and used as a single phase application, this will invalidate the certification and will no longer comply to MID.

Phase Summary Screen
We have also included in the design a separate screen which will allow you to get a summary of each phase. Typically with most panel meters you will have to scroll through several pages to collect all the information. At one push of a button you can see the following parameters for each phase on one screen.

•    Current
•    Voltage
•    Power
•    Power Factor
•    kWh

We feel this product is well designed for not only the installer but also the end client.


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