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AHM3 Panel Meter With Modules. Exactly What You Need?

ahm3The AHM3 panel meter from SACI is one of the most complete panel meters available on the market today.

As well as doing the usual job of a panel meter by allowing you to measure the standard electrical variables such as voltage, current, frequency, power, power factor, harmonics up to the 63rd harmonic, and other variables, the AMH3 includes four rear slots which can be used to add any of a wide range of modules to the unit.  This means you can adapt the unit to your specific requirements.

ahm3 screenThe modules include analogue and digital inputs and outputs, communication protocols such as Ethernet, Wi-Fi, GPRS, temperature measurement and memory modules. The unit has been designed so you can use any combination of
modules which are easily added to the meter.

Once you have selected the right combination of modules for your installation, the user friendly screen allows you to easily program the unit, for example, single-phase, three-phase 3-wire, three-phase 4-wire, nominal current 1 and 5 Amps and nominal voltage up to 690 V AC.


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